Our barn was built in 1980 and had box sizes that were prevalent for that time, but not anymore. To still provide our cows plenty of space we were interested in the release freestall of Agriprom. Also, the danger that cows can get stuck in the steel stalls we want to limit to a minimum.
After the first release freestall for the dry cows were installed in the barn, we immediately saw all our cows lie a lot more comfortable than with our old mushroom freestalls. The cows have more space and can be lie in the box in a natural way. The cows now have the opportunity to put aside entirely both hind legs, this didn’t do our cows previously. Also, The cows have more headroom. Cows that go straight into the freestall down, we have not had yet. The freestall divider with the upper tube between them is sufficiently strong that a cow, who’s ready for insemination, may be hunted in the box without the chance that the cow can escape over the left of right box there.
Our cows are happy with the new barn and hereby we too!