The Flexible Free Stall ‘Release’ now also has a special design for deep-litter cubicles. Natural cow behavior, quickly standing up and lying down and minimal litter consumption are the starting points of the design. Hence, the plastic separations are flexible and adapted to the deep-litter cubicle. The partition is also adjustable in height and therefore suitable for any situation. The cow does not damage herself and can not get stuck under the partition.

Cow-friendly cubicle, no more injuries due to iron
The cows have the space to quickly lie and stand up
Height adjustable partition
Low litter consumption by high crossbar
In depth adjustable neck rail
Designed for natural cow behavior

Release gives cows plenty of head space so they do not feel limited to stand and lie down. Both the tubes provide sufficient support to lie straight without the cow being damaged. The stand post and the neck rail provide the system with robustness. The size of the free stalls is based on the measurements of the contemporary cow and its behavior.

Technical specifications
Dimensions: On request
Material: High quality polypropylene pipes with soft rubber protective cap. Iron stand posts.
Patent Nrs.: 1038063 and 1040827