Specially designed for pre-dipping. Thick and dense foam for maximum gripping effect on the skin. Very soft to the skin. Easy and fast application.

Economical application:
Optimal product quantity is applied on the teat.

Direction of use

  • Use a bubbling dip cup.
  • Pour 50 ml of Dermafoam in the dip cup.
  • Add 250 ml of water.
  • Mix gently.
  • Gently squeeze the dip cup so that the foam fills up the cup and goes above the upper level.
  • Dip the teats.
  • Clean the teat with a single use towel.
  • Turn the towel on the other side and remove any excess of product on the teat.
  • Connect the milking machine.

Aspect: Liquid
Colour: Transparant
Odour: Eucalyptus

Store in the original packaging. Keep away from frost and sunlight

Dipping cup: Various types available