Optistar (Saccaromyces cerevisiae) is a supplement that feeds proteins of high biological value and live yeast cells and metabolically active with:

  • an excellent amino acid content and a well
  • balanced amino acid profile;
  • high levels of vitamins of the B group naturally present; excellent palatability;

 Optistar is, due to its composition stimulates the growth of rumen and intestinal flora and allows to:

  • Increase the rumen biomass
  • Increase the cellulosolytic bacteria
  • Stabilize the rumen pH
  • Reduce the negative effects of stress
  • Increase the consumption of dry matter
  • Improve all the digestive processes

Optistar due to its properties  determines:

  • An increase in milk production: 4-7%
  • A reduction in the risk of rumen acidosis (SARA)
  • Minor damage from laminitis
  • Weight gain in bulls
  • An improvement in feed efficiency
  • Less weight loss after childbirth

 Optistar used correctly in ruminants, helps to normalize the rumen microflora and to feed it with specific nutrients increasing the diet digestibility with beneficial effects on both the health and the performance.

Dairy cows 30 – 50 g /head/day
Cattle: 25 – 40 g /head/day

Package: 25 kg bags