Brize is an absorbing hygiene product for a healthy stable climate.

a mixture of seaweed calcium, plant extract and silicates.


  • Brize improves the barn climate and reduces bad smell through reduction of ammonia. Brize binds ammonia because of the lower pH.
  • Brize inhibits the development of ammonia-producing micro organisms and of the pathogene microflora in favor of the cellulolytic flora.
  • Brize absorbs moisture and dries the laying area and sawdust, it can also be used on slippery floors and walking areas.
  • Brize is skin friendly and respects the mucous membrane. Caring for gaps and other teat and skin damages.
  • Brize contains plant extracts with cleaning capabilities.
  • Brize contributes to a good fermentation of manure and improving fertilizer value.

Spread the product over the laying area of the animals and walking alleys in boxes. Applicable with cattle, pigs, sheeps, goats, rabbits and minks.

Store in a dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

Use in freestalls / lying beds
– on wet spots
– 2-3 times per week approx. 50g/m2