Sanoglue is a specially developed twocomponent polyurethane glue product for the attachment of wood and plastic blocks to bovine claws. The glue has a very fast adhesion time of 20 to 30 seconds and in 2 to 2.5 minutes the glue has hardened so far, the leg of the animal can be put on the ground again (at ca. 20°C).

This short application time ensures that the blocks can be attached quick and easy to the claw of the animal. The animal will be pain free soon, and will walk easier.

Benefits Sanoglue

  • Fast adhesion time (20 – 30 sec) for a fixed hoof block placed in the right position.
  • The cow’s leg can be put quickly on the ground, just after 2-2.5 minutes.
  • The solid tube is easy to handle
  • No tools required for opening
  • Solid dosing gun available
  • Start and refill sets available
  • Spare parts available

The Sanoglue set is available as a practical start- or refill set. All necessary parts for glueing claw blocks are included in these sets.

The start set contains:
1 x Dosage gun
1 x Sanoglue 200 ml
10 x Hoof block 11 cm
10 x Mixing tip

The refill set contains:
2 x Sanoglue 200 ml
20 x Hoof block 11 cm
20 x Mixing tip