Active mastitis control asks for hygienic measures and influences financial results of the farm. To improve results pre-treatment of teat and udder are essential.
COWIPES are easy to use, cleans teats and udder thoroughly. Use one wipe per cow to prevent crosscontamination.


Product Description

  • These rapid drying, cleansing, sanitizing disinfecting wipes help control mastitis and promote general udder health.
  • Cleans udder and teats without irritating
  • Wipes are impregnated with Chlorhexedine, Allantoin and Alcohol.


Cowipes advantages

  •  Teats dry in seconds, reduces time spent on udder preparation.
  •  Each towel contains allantoine.
  •  Teats are left clean, soft, conditioned and dry.
  •  Milkers hands are sanitized.


Technical data

Wipes per Bucket 900
Wipes per refill box 2* 900
Material Non-woven Fabric