Solid comfortable rubbermat with elastic studs. The solid rubbermat is durable and consist of 100% rubber with inlay. The rub-bermats has proven themselves in the agri-culture. The mats on a roll can be easily in-stalled.
The Studs comfortmat has a lot to offer:


  • The mattress remains elastic and does not deform.
  • The mattress is very durable and reliable.
  • Cows stand up easier. Easy to clean, highly flexible top mat.
  • Easy to install.


The rubbermat is solid and consist of 100% rubber. Thickness of the rubber is 10 mm. The thickness of the flexible studs at the bottom is 10 mm. The thickness of the mat is totally 20 mm. The rubber has a nylon inlay to prevents that the mat go ahead. The rubbermat has a ham-mered profile, which optimizes grip. The rubbermat can be cleaned by means of a high pressure cleaner and the rubbermat is resistant to sharp objects and hoofs.


The Studs comfortmat is for the soilcover for the cubicles and feed-cubicles of a barn for dairy cows, calves and heifers.