The PortaSCC Quicktest provides an on-farm estimate of somatic cell count in cow milk. Control the quality of milk allowed into the bulk tank by checking:

  • Problem cows or quarters
  • Response to treatment
  • Cows at freshening and dry off
  • A Group of cows

The PortaSCC Quick test was developed for estimating the somatic cell count in individual cows. This test uses the same proven technology as the PortaSCC milk test.

 On Farm Convenience:

With this product, you can test whenever you want, whenever the need arises – morning, noon or night, seven days a week. No more waiting for monthly screens to see critical SCC results.

 Laboratory Accuracy:

We have demonstrated the ability to accurately read counts well below 100,000 cells/mL. More importantly, we are proud to report that our on-farm SCC test will give you results that are similar to lab results in terms of accuracy, so you can have as much confidence in the PortaSCC® milk test as you do in your testing lab.

 Short Turnaround Time:

Results are available in minutes, not days. No longer do you have to delay action, waiting for data from a distant lab. Within an hour of collecting the sample, you can be taking the next step in fighting mastitis.

Teststrips, 40 per box, activator liquid, color chart, pippettes (reusable)

Keep cool and dry, out of reach of children and away from sunlight.