Revolutionary snap-on rubber covering floor slats. High quality natural rubber for extra grip and to prevent slipping of your cattle on slippery slats. Milking cows last longer and show their heat better. With EasyFix slat rubber your cattle is cleanerand feels better.


  • Best solution for slippery slats
  • Prevents and helps with healing of foot injuries
  • Cows walk on it in a natural way (as in the meadow)
  • Cows show their heat better
  • Cows stay cleaner due to the descending profile

EasyFix Slat rubber has a lot to offer

  • 100 % Natural rubber
  • EasyFix will not expand or lose its shape
  • The rubber is flexible and comfortable
  • Unique patented profile greatly
  • enhances drainage
  • Suitable for new or used slats
  • Suitable for milk– and beef cattle
  • Easy to install
  • No loose parts


Trials by the National Irish Agricultural Research Center show that beef walking on EasyFix were more than 20% heavier than the control groups on concrete slats.

Technical data

Sizes : The available sizes are adjusted to the most common slat openings.
Material : 100% natural rubber.
Thickness : Slanting from 22 mm to 18 mm