The Desinfection mat (hygiene mat) is an alternative to the traditional foot baths used to treat and prevent hoofproblems. Hoof problems are one the most important cost factors on the dairy farm and an priority culling factor. Use the claw mat to preevent infections and contamination and in case of problems. Use your preferred hoof treatment product in it, follow label instructions or consult your veterinarian.



  • Cows (or other animals) are not afraid of the mat and walk over easily and quietly assuring a better and longer contact.
  • Cows have no reflex to manure on the mat, as they often do in a foot bath. The mats stays cleaner assuring a better result and longer effectiveness of you hoof treatment product.
  • The mats contains less product than the regular baths, you will use less product and save on expensive treatment products. More economical.
  • Comparatively you can often do 4 treatments with the mat against 1 with a standard foot bath.
  • You can put the mat where and when you want. For instance at the entrance of the milking parlour, so the product will have more time to react, if that is not possible you can still put the mat at the exit off course.
  • The mat will save you money, get you better results and is better for the environment.

 The mat is supplied with a sleeve. The sleeve assures that almost no liquid will leek away in the environment, especially on porous, or uneven surfaces. You will use less product and get better results.

The mat can be put down on any flat surface without connection or installation. The inside of the mat can be used on both sides.

We advise you to change your desiinfectant product regularly. Always follow label instructions. When used regularly, clean the mat by rincing, compressing and rincing again till the rincing ater is clean. Hang out to dry and refill with product the next day.