Cowbrush specially designed for installation in barns. When a cow touches the brush, the brush automatically brushes the cow. Through a rotating motion of the synthetic brushhairs it can cover even the most diffi-cult places like the head, the back and tailimplant. So it has a better coverage as the shuttle system.



  •     Stimulates the bloodcirculation, result is a healthier skin.
  •     Gives rest in the barn, what results in a higher (milk)yield.
  •     Minimum wear because of ball-bearings.
  •     Special way of installation of the brushhairs, so they do not fall off and get in the manure.
  •     Easy to install.
  •     Low maintenance.
  •     Safe and comfortable.
  •     Low power.


When a cow touches the brush, the brush hinges. A circuit is being made and the brush starts rotating. The circuit has a time-delay, which assures that the brush keeps on rotating, even when it passes his restingpoint. Our cowbrush is being made for years already, therefore it is a very reliable and secure product.