Sanoflex for wrapping treated hoofs during hooftrimming

Sanoflex is a flexible hoofbandage which ensures an efficient way to wrap the hoof of the animal. Wrapping the hoof ensures that the product that is used to cure the hoof (often in paste form) is protected for a longer period from dirt so that is longer available for the wound.

Sanoflex is a first class bandage

By using high quality materials we created a hoof bandage that meets the requirements of the modern dairy business. The product is strong, but still easy to tear. It is adhesive so that the different layers stick together very well, but it doesn’t stick to the skin and hair. Furthermore, it is available in several colors to make sure a farmer can get a color that suits best.

Sanoflex advantages:

  • Flexible
  • Adhesive, but doenst stick to skin or hair
  • For fast treatment, strong but easy to tear
  • Synthetic high tech materials

Available colors: red, blue, green
Measurements: 14,75 ft x 3,94 inch
To use with: hoof pastes/ liquids/ powders
Packed: 12 in a box, 120 in a carton