A moisture absorbing powder for clean cubicles and barns. Effective improvement of barn environment preventing development of bacteria and flies. Assures a healthy barn en-vironment.


Natural powders and minerals.


  • pH neutral
  • Not poisonous, it isn‘t harmful for human and animal
  • Is not irritating to the skin
  • Reduces ammonia levels
  • Absorbs moisture fluids from the air
  • Dries the lying beds
  • Prevent the development of fly larva
  • Doesn‘t oxidize
  • Easy to apply, doesn‘t clot

Directions of use
Dosage per m²: 20-50 g 2 a 3 times a week, dependent of the humidity of the lying bed
Every day: first week with new come animals (1 week)
High infection pressure (1 week or longer) . After that 1 to 2 times per week

25 kg/bag Drying powder for in barns