Milk Liners for every brand (Please contact us for the full range)

Liners are the piece of milking apparatus that comes into contact with the cow. So they have to be flexible and gentle to the teat. At the same time they must be durable enough to withstand exposure to thermal, chemical and mechanical strains. They must do this while maintaining milk yields and parlour hygiene. That’s why the unique composition of our liners includes over 20 materials which must be mixed to ensure a homogenous blend that maximises strength and performance. Formulating rubber for a quality liner is exclusive to a few manufacturers worldwide, who then supply to the OEMs. Kingston liners meet the strictest European food grade standard, BfR and REACH. Kingston milking liners

Kingston milking liners can be reliably used for up to 2500 milkings or for a period of 6 months. After this time the liner can lose its effectivity rather quickly. This is why we always recommend you replace your liners before it is too late.

Free trial
First set of 4 liners is for free Milking liners for every brand (Please contact us for the full range).

Technical Specifications
Innovation with 50 years of expertise in the formulation of rubber and polymers for the dairy sector.

Production and machinery
Quality testing in each production stage insures consistent quality of each liner.