Rumen protected choline chloride (25%) improves the liver efficiency and makes and/or keeps the liver fat free. Supplying rumen protected choline to cows improves the absorption of nutrients the incidence of metabolism problems (fatty liver syndrome) decreases.


  • improves the liver function
  • less metabolism problems
  • rumen protected
  • easy to add with mineral premixes and concentrates
  • can be top dressed or added to TMR
  • increases production

Directions of use
Mix in the concentrates, mineral mix, TMR or with the roughage.

Dosage: 30 – 60 g / cow / day. From 10 – 14 days before calving till approx. 100 days after calving


ARCC 250 is packed in a bag of 25 kg product.

Keep it dry, out of reach of children and away from sunlight.
ARCC 250 is best before 1 year after the production date.