Around calving cows pass a very difficult phase, due to the stress of calving and the transition from much roughage to a faster ration with high energy levels. The cow is than also trying produce to her genetic maximum level, while she has to prepare herselve for a new gestation. Increasing the energy level in the ration can disturb the rumen activity and thereby other problems, which especially occur around calving, could appear: lack of calcium, mastitis, hoof problems, displaced abdomasum etc. All these problems around calving have effect on the immune system and the digestive tract, and cause often a disturbed balance with many pathogen bacteria in the intestine. This is bad for the health of the animal.


 Digestion problems and diseases around calving keep the cow away from obtaining her production potential and raching energy balance, consequently she won’t become pregnant. The conclusion is that ‘calving problems’ are the most important cause of ‘removal’ from the farm.



15 cc / day / dairy cow, at calving, variable feed intake, in stress situations.



Supports the rumen activity, the digestion and feed intake and which can prevent abomasum disturbance and energy problems. Cows maintain their condition better after calving. Digestar supports cows in reaching energy balance earlier. In most situations we see cows in calf earlier and less fresh cow mastitis. Digestar stimulates feed intake in stress situations such as calving, shows, transport, change of environment, of diet or management.



300 cc tube, 6 tubes per box