Sanogel is recommended for use as the first visible signs of inammation, such as lumps, clots, swelling of the quarters and the like. By using Sanogel at an early stage, you prevent loss of the milk production. Sanogel has direct effect and can thus be used directly. The proof that Sanogel works is often demonstrable in the form of secretion of serum, coagulum and swelling of the udder.

Advantages Sanogel

  • No antibiotics or medicine
  • No residue in the milk
  • No waiting time
  • No loss of production
  • Natural product

Sanogel is a gel on the basis of natural essential oils, plant extracts activated with ozone. It has a moisturizing, softening, calming and sanitary function. Sanogel consists of natural ingredients, like:
– Tea Tree oil
– Propolis
– Eucalyptus

Directions of use
Milk the quarter well, apply 1-2 tubes to the concerning area. Empower treatment by rubbing the gel calmly and massaging it in. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

10 ml per tube, 12 tubes per carton.