The Powdermaster

The Powdermaster granular applicator with a rotor delivery system and fully variable in-cab controls is purpose built for applying powder/granular additives to a range of crops. With a choice of outputs via a single 50mm diameter hose or three 25mm diameter PVC pipes (These are easily inter-changeable using a simple adaptor kit). Output range is 150g – 2000g per minute depending on density of the additive. The PowderMaster is suitable for self propelled and trailed forage harvester, forage wagons, and balers. The basic PowderMaster kit comes with an applicator with 50kg hopper, variable in cab speed controller, Fillet strips Outlet tubing, 10 meters of electrical cable, Single or triple outlet.

Powdermaster right

Digiflow ULV Aplicator
The Digiflow liquid applicator’s in-cab control box allows you to set the precise additive application rate. The flow rate is displayed in litres per minute (Ltr/Min) and you can also access the total amount of additive applied. The Digiflow ULV has an application range of 50 ml/min to 500 ml/min. The Digiflow comes with a 60 litre tank with pump unit, Flush bottle, Mounting brackets, Digital in-cab control box, Power cable, Tubing, Jet body and jets.