Calves are born with a steril digestive tract, that is filled rapidly with bacteria and virusses from the environment. A struggle for dominating the digestive tract appears between the pathogens and beneficial bacteria. When a calf does not receive enough colostrum, not in time or of moderate quality, it develops a weak immunity resistance. Pathogenic bacteria could dominate and after some days infections diarrhea appears, sometimes together with lung infections.


If many calves are close together bacteria and virusses can easily be spread and increase the problem. At the beginning the calf is fed with colostrum, milk or milk replacer, while the rumen develops more nutrients out of the starter feed are used by the animal. Many scientific research trials show the importance of more starter feed for the development of the rumen and the growth of the calf. Digestar supports the intake of starter feed significantly! Digestar adds and helps the right digestive tract bacteria to develop and to supports the fight against pathagens.



5-15 cc / day / animal, calves with digestion problems and at weaning



Supports the rumen activity, the digestion and feed intake and enhance growth. Protect calves during growing up, supports an healthy digestion and feed intake in stress situations such as weaning.



300 cc tube, 6 tubes per box