The use of the Sanofoam with Bio-ozonized oil is recommended with: Fertility problems: Vaginal problems, like damage of the mucosa, Bacterial infections Skin problems (Eczema, Abscesses), wounds (Wound healing, Navel care) With Sanofoam there is no withdrawal period for milk or meat. The ozone in Sanofoam plays a role in the biochemical processes that regulate the expulsion of the placenta and membranes.

Sanofoam should be used with

  • Intra-vaginal problems
  • Infections between udder and leg
  • Infections of vaginal mucosa after calving
  • Application after extraction of a vaginal implants (PRID and CIDR)
  • Application on chapped skin, cuts and grazes

Directions of use
– After calving: 5-10 sec. spray
– On the navel of the calf: 2-3 sec. spray
– 24 hours before or after insemination: 5-10 sec. spray
Sanofoam can also be used with other animals like pigs, sheep goats and horses.

Sanofoam is packaged in aerosols with a contents of 200 ml. Equivalent of approximately 2 minutes of allocation of foam. A box contains 4 aerosols and 10 catheters.

Keep out of reach of children. Do not expose to temperatures over 50 °C. Store at ambient temperature.