Benfital Plus is a supplemental diet feed for calves with diarrhea or risk thereof. It stabilizes the water and electrolyte balance. Benfital Plus is suitable for all types of diarrhea; it promotes the removal of pathogens and helps to rapidly eliminate the consequences of diarrhea, including dehydration, acidosis (blood acidity) and an electrolyte deficiency. In addition, it contains a high content of glucose with an energy content of 310 kcal per drink turn. Benfital Plus can be administered with water and/or milk.

Benfital Plus provides:
• Quick recovery dehydration; the optimal electrolyte composition and osmolarity ensure rapid improvement of the water and electrolyte balance.

• A high content of glucose; with an energy content of 310 kcal per drink turn. The glucose prevents and restores low blood sugar and stimulates the absorption of electrolytes.

• Soluble in milk; Benfital has no influence on the normal coagulation of the milk in the abomasum and can therefore be given both with water and with (art) of milk.

• Immediate and long-term buffering; recovery and prevent blood acidification takes place in three steps. Sodium carbonate is readily available and in addition is gradually released from sodium acetate and sodium citrate.

• Natural regulation of intestinal flora; the adsorbing fibers (pectins), coated with lecithin, and the yeast cells with MOS (mannaoligosacharides) bind E.coli and salmonella bacteria. The pathogens are as excreted in the manure.