Garlic Boost Bolus – slow release
Feed supplement for dairy cows in the form
of a bolus for oral administration, to improve
the levels of general health. Contains high
amounts of allicin and antioxidants

Additives: Vitamin E 2250 I.U./bolus, Grape
extract (2b845) 320 mg / bolus, Binders:
Sepiolite (E562) 2700 mg / bolus, Selenium
(methionine) (3b811) 1.3 mg / bolus

Instructions for use (enter orally with a
suitable bolus applicator)
1 bolus in periods of rising somatic cell
1 bolus 2 weeks before calving
1 bolus at dry-off
The bolus is active for 5 days. Before use
consult your veterinarian or nutritionist.
Weight: 70 g per bolus / 8 boluses
per pack
Batch nr: see packaging
Best before: See packaging
GMO free