A fast & reliable in heat test for milk. For a profitable dairy farming.

Fertile cows are of great importance for the dairy farm. An increasing calving-interval shows that many companies struggle with fertility problems. This causes lower revenues, fewer calves and less milk. Simultaneously, early drainage and fertility problems such as pyometra and COF (Cystic Ovaries Follicles) cause higher costs.

The P4 Rapid is a fast and reliable heat test that measures the progesterone level in five minutes in the milk. The farmer is now provided with certainty about his cow.

By measuring progresterone this test provides 98% certainty of heat, and detects returnees already between 19 and 23 days after insemination. It provides the optimum moment of insemination and increases the productivity of the herd. The P4 Rapid is the ideal tool to achieve good fertility results and a better economic results.


  • Shows silent heat earlier
  • Reduced calving interval and improved fertility results
  • Provides better understanding of fertility problems
  • Avoids unnecessary removal
  • Easy to use (dipstick)
  • Dipstick results in just 5 minutes
  • Reliable
  • Can be used in addition to heat detection systems