Easy, safe and quiet

Our galvanized self-locking headlocks are build according to European quality standards and, have proven to be highly durable. The self-closing feed fence has no protruding parts. The locking mechanism is mounted on the inside of the upper tube. We can provide lengths from 2 to 6 meters suiting every situation.


  • Easy and safe to use
  • Cows can be individually released
  • The locking system has Teflon clips to reduce noise for quieter operation and to avoid deforming the joints
  • Adjustable neck size

Sizes feeding fence
The length of the feeding fences can vary from 1 meter up to 6 meters per fence.
Head space per size
Length 1m: 1 head space
Length 1,5m: 2 head spaces
Length 2m: 3 head spaces
Length 3m: 4 head spaces
Length 4m: 5 t/m 8 head spaces
Length 5m: 5 t/m 10 head spaces
Length 6m: 8 t/m 12 head spaces

For adult cows and young stock.

Technical specifications
Sizes: Available in length from 1 m to 6 m and from 1 to 12 places. Other sizes on request

Construction: Ø 60 and 42mm tubing. Noise buffer made of Teflon. Hot dip galvanized after manufactering