Specially for daily feeding top dressed or mixed with the feed during the grown up and the fattening period, promotes appetite. Rumen activity is supported for the digestion of roughage and concentrates. Supports an healthy growth and resistance.

 Formulated for daily feeding. Suitable from: 14 days pre-calving and the following first months after. The transition
in rumen activity is stimulated in order to reduce digestive disorders and ketosis

Advantages of using Probiotic Pack:

  •  Supports feed intake
  •  Supports digestion
  •  Supports health
  •  Supports performance
  •  Useful for divers animal species

Keep it dry and cool, out of reach of children and away from sunlight.


During the growing up phase of a calf, 15-30 gram per animal per day. The powder stimulates feed intake and improves digestion and utilization of nutrients. Thereby development improved.


Packaging  2,27 kg bags, 10 bags per bale.