BoDia is the first quick test, which analyses Rota viruses, Corona viruses, E.Coli en Cryptosporidium with only one test cassette. BoDia is the first quadruple test, that has a registration in Germany (Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut). BoDia is very user friendly.

What are the most common causes of calf diarrhoea?

Non-infectious factors

  • Hygiene conditions
  • The status of the calf‘s immune system T
  • The calf‘s physical constitution

Infectious factors  

  • Rota viruses
  • Corona viruses
  • Escherichia Coli K 99
  • Cryptosporidium parvum

 Why making a combined quadruple test?

Only one sample necessary Prevents high economic losses by testing early. It is necessary that the cause of the sickness is rapidly identified – also mixed contagions will be recognised Direct treatment is necessary; this minimises calf death.

 Contents of the 1 kit

5 test cassettes inclusive 5 pipettes 5 test tubes with reaction liquid detailed manual