Agriprom strives to provide high quality products for our barn equipment and our consumer products. We consult independent research institutes such as the DLG and the Polymer Science Park. In addition, all our animal feed additives are GMP certified.

DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft)

dlg-logo-svgWith a broad product range of tests, the DLG provides clear information on tested equipment and machinery. These tests form the foundation for impartial information for practitioners. The measurements are based on international standards and norms as well as tests developed in-house, building on practical requirements.

Our cow mattresses and rubber mats have proven themselves during these test and therefore may carry the following quality logos.

Polymer Science Park

Polymer Science parkTo ensure that the rubber that we produce is actually as strong as we promise, we test each production batch on wear and strength. The Polymer Science Park has the equipment to determine the quality accurately. In addition, Polymer Science Park advises Agriprom on the use of high quality plastics in agriculture.


GMP Plus
fsa-logoGMP Plus International is an independent organization managing the GMP Plus Feed Certification scheme. The scheme is for the certification of feed companies active in the feed chain around the world. The GMP Plus FSA module has been developed to guarantee feed safety and to reassure consumers about the responsible way animal feed products are produced, processed, traded, stored and transported. Requirements for feed safety assurance are designed to meet the GMP+ standards.

Agriprom facilities meet the feed safety requirements designed by to ensure all ingredients are produced, processed, traded, stored, and transported in a responsible way.