Comfortable cows produce more milk. Solid cow mattress system with elastic Energetic ® ecolatex sheets. The flexible rubber top mat is durable and consists of 100% rubber with netting inside. Rubber has proven its strength and durability in cow barns. The AgriFlex cow mattress has a lot to offer:


  • The mattress remains elastic and does not deform.     
  • The mattress is very durable and reliable.     
  • Cows stand up easier, the mat is not slippery.     
  • Easy to clean, highly flexible top mat.     
  • Use sawdust is almost no need.     
  • Labor-saving.

 Top mat of rubber:

The top mat is solid and consist of 100% rubber. Thickness of the top cover is 4 mm. The flexible toplayer is reinforced by a weaving. The weaving prevents that the mat will expand. The mat has a textile profile, which is not abrasive and optimises grip and that holds sawdust or chopped straw better. The top cover can be cleaned by means of a high pressure cleaner (max 120 bar).


Elastic Latex underlayer:

The cow mattress consists of a top mat and an elastic Energetic® ecolatex underlay. The sheets of Energetic® latex contain natural rubber with a very high elasticity. The ‘memory of the ecolatex assures a life long comfortable elasticity . No other material has a comparable elasticity combined with an equal durability. Energetic® latex is water repellent and does have an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial action.