The AQUA-Flex waterbed offers the following advantages:

No more hock abrasions
The waterbed moves a long with hocks and legs and reduces pressure points. The Ecorub under layer comfortably catches the cows knees when laying down.

Better hygiene
Easy to clean and thus a better hygiene. Milk an urine run of the surface withouth being absorbed by bedding material. This means a lower risk on udder or teat end infections and a lower somatic cell count.

Less labour
Waterbeds are easy to install (or we do it for you!) and require low maintenance. they are easy to clean and require no bedding material. We recommend to apply only Brize of another hygiene powder.

Improve cow comfort
Cows require to lie down 12-14 hours per day. Research has shown that cows accept the Aqua-Soft waterbeds and lie down comfortably for 12-14 hours.

We only use high quality materials to ensure a long lasting life time.
The 100% rubber pouch is reinforced with a nylon (EP100) net. It has a quickly drying and anti-slip profile. All the rubber we receive is tested on wear and tear strength. The Ecorub bottom is designed to be elastic for many years and does not deform.

Technical information
Aqua-flex 110×180 including Ecorub under layer
Aqua-flex 115×180 including Ecorub under layer
Aqua-flex 120×180 including Ecorub under layer

Top layer:                Natural and reinforced rubber pouch
Under layer:            Ecorub 2 cm

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