Detects all MRLs relevant antibiotics and sulphonamides in milk and milk products.

Test kits designed for performing individual antimicrobial testing. Milk MT Test kits contain 25, 50 or 100 vials and special pipettes for accurately taking the milk sample of 100μl milk. Each reaction vial is separated and can be used for a single test.

The milk test MT is a highly sensitive microbial test for inhibitors in the milk. This involves relevant MRL Beta-lactam antibiotics such as, Tetracycline, Macrolide, Aminoglycoside, Sulphonamide, Trimethoprim and others.

The Milk Test MT is suitable for testing cow, goat and sheep milk, including raw milk, pasteurized milk and milk powder. Specifically for milk producers we offer Milk Test MT 25 on FARM.

For large-scale producers and dairies, we have the test kits MT 50 and MT 100. Flexible sheets MT 96 FP are recommended for the analysis of large-scale tests in laboratories quality.

Instructions for MT

Carefully cut the required number of testers loose. Remove the foil on each test vial to add the milk sample by means of the pipette. Add 100μl milk into each test vial.

Ensure that a new pipette is used for each sample. Incubate the test vials in a heated incubator, or in a water bath at 65 ° C + / – 0.5 ° C. Incubate the test 3 hours. Read the results on the basis of the color of the side and bottom of the test vials.


Startset: incubator + 25 test tubes in case
Refill: Package per 25 units

Store in a dry place. Keep out of reach of children.