High-pressure cooling system for use in cow stables. The cooling system is made of stainless steel lines with patented stainless steel and synthetic nozzles. The use of these materials ensure a high durability of the system.


  •     Made of strong and durable materials.
  •     Vaporizes water so cows, feed and bedding do not get wet.
  •     Cows are more active because of lower temperature (up to 10 C cooler).
  •     Easy to install.
  •     Control the humidity.
  •     Very low use of water.


The spray ensures cooling and dust suppression, significantly improving animal welfare. Something that is noticeable immediately on growth rates and yield levels. Overall improvements in the indoor climate of animal housing units are obtained, also benefiting you and your staff. The system has been tailormade for agriculture, striking optimum balance between price and performance. The system is easy to install.

De set bestaande uit de hoge druk pomp, flexibele leidingen, nozzles, temperatuur sensor en controle box.heatstress