FEED’MORE’ Increase the shelf life and gain more from your roughage.Winning a good quality roughage requires investment in time, equipment, crops, fertilization and of course the storage of roughage. Much effort is made to achieve the best quality feed. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the quality and to improve it, in order to have the optimum use of the forage.

FEED’MORE’ Can do this because of the use of lactic acid bacteria, heat inhibitors and innovative enzyme technology. Feed’more’ consists of different components all of which contribute to the best results.  Lactic acid bacteria, enzymes and heat inhibitors.


Advantages Feed’MORE’

  • Retains more ensiled forage dry matter and nutritional value
  • Improves the durability
  • Better preservation
  • More milk from your forage
  • Increases fibre digestibility and improves palatability of forages
  • Significantly reduces the damaging effects of heat and protein degradation
  • Reduces silage run-off and lengthens bunk life
  • Improves daily gain for beef
  • Does not contain acids that deteriorate your machines

Feed’MORE’ provides more stability in the silage, reduces heating after opening, creates a higher nutritional value and improves the palatability and the production.


FEED’MORE’ Granular

1 bag of 20 kilos is enough for 50 tons of silage. Divide 400 grams Feed’more per tonne silage. Feed’more’ granulate is dosed via a granule dosing on the chopper. An even distribution is essential.


FEED’MORE’ Water Soluble

Feed’more’ water-soluble is available in pots of 150 grams, this is sufficient for the treatment of 50 tons of fresh silage. Mix 150 grams Feed’more’ water soluble with 50 litres of clean water, ensure a good mixture. Add 1 litre of the solution per one tonne of silage.