A cow mattress must be large enough for a cow to lie in a free stall barn as well as she would outside in a meadow. Lying down and standing up should be comfortable, without stress and strain on the feet and legs and joints, which cause inflammations. The cow must have enough space so she can rise in one comfortable movement without obstacles and or sliding. Hence the development of Release flexible cubicles. Guiding without hurting while rising and lying down.

These criteria can be obtained with a mattress softness of approximately 20 mm, according to the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts Gesellschaft). Softer will not automatically generate better results.

For health reasons, extreme softness is not a necessary prerequisite. Quality of the surface and weight division are to be considered more dominating factors.

The rubber Agriprom uses is more elastic and has a higher tear resistance than recycled rubber. The Energetic® latex filling is softer and more elastic than thicker mats using recycled car tire granulate. The Latex filling is heavier (> 300 kg m3) and stronger and therefore on the long run more comfortable than mattresses with a polyether or mixed filling. The latter usually use ‘foam rubber / polyether of less than 200 kg m3.

Latex also has a better ‘memory’ than polyether and will return in its original form better than other materials, therefore the surface will not show dents or hollows, is easier to clean and will not conserve moisture in these areas. With polyether filling cows push down further (higher imprint DLG) but experience less comfort. In the long run, the recovery of this type of filling is not as good and shows a higher permanent

Koematras Gelfoam
Gelfoam Mattress

The length:                              Customized (maximum 50 meters)
Width:                                     Standard 1.80 ( cut to size)
Top layer:                                4.5 mm thick
Underlay                                 50 mm thick

Koematras Agriflex
Agriflex Cowmattress

The length:                            Customized (maximum 50 meters)  
Width:                                    Standard 1.80 m (Cut to size)  
Top Layer:                              4 mm thick  
Underlay:                               35 mm thick

Koematras Mammouth

The length:                            Customized (maximum 50 meters)
Width:                                    Standard 1.80 m (Cut to size)  
Top layer:                               9 mm thick  
Underlay:                               32 mm thick


Aqua-Flex waterbed

The length:                            Delivered on a roll (maximum 50 meters)  
Width:                                   Standard 1.80 m  
Top Layer:                             Per mooring: 110-112.5-115-120-125 cm

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