Gel mattress shows excellent results in DLG test

Frankfurt – The new gel mattress of Agriprom has also proven itself in the DLG tests and can therefore bear the title “DLGApproved”.

Dairy farmers demand a cow mattress to show only minimal distortion and wear after a period of 10 years and, moreover, to remain highly comfortable. Independent research from DLG simulates these requirements by subjecting the gel mattress to 100 000 impressions of a robot hoof that simulates a cow of 1000 kg. The results show that there is no wear and no permanent deformation. The compressibility is substantially unchanged so the gel mattress can call itself extremely comfortable. Click here for more information about the gel mattress.

DLG Agriprom





The cows at the Dairy Campus in Leeuwarden enjoy allready quite some time of the gel mattress of Agriprom.

Dairy Campus Release and gel mattress

Dairy Campus Release en Gelmatras
The gel mattress at the Dairy Campus in Leeuwarden