Due to the indestructable High Density Polyethylene our hutches are easy to sanitise and move. This results in a system that will not transfer disease from one group to the next. With calves isolated from each other, there is little or no transfer of disease between calves. Additionally, being separated allows the attendant better visual examination of each calf – You will see changes in the calf earlier. An outdoor environment is best for your calves – providing natural ventilation and sunshine. Additional space provided by the large hutchsize and pen allow room for the calf to exercise. Calf-Tel De Luxe hutches are designed to allow each individual calf to seek its ideal level of comfort in any of the various micro environments – from a sunny spot in the pen or entryway to a protected spot in the back of the hutch. The Calf-Tel Deluxe provides an inside feeding station which keeps the feed and the calves dry. Left and right feed doors are available to improve your feeding efficiency. Heavy duty pail holder uses large 9.5 liter pails.

 The Calf-Tel DeLuxe as well as the other Hampel hutches are totally opaque – providing cooler temperatures in extreme heat and longer life to the plastic. Ultraviolet rays which are destructive to ordinary plastics do not penetrate the Calf-Tel Deluxe hutch (See the difference on the second picture). Resulting in longer life and our customers still have their hutches in excellent condition bought 20 years ago! Many options make the Calf-Tel DeLuxe the most versatile hutch on the market today. Calf-Tel offers the lowest depreciation, longest life. A one time investment in top quality.


Why raise calves in Calf-Tel Deluxe hutches?

  • Better growth
  • Less medecin costs
  • Less death loss
  • Indestructable
  • Better ventilation
  • Better climate
  • Bigger!