Bovikalc is a calcium supplement in the form of a bolus. Because of the coating (PEG-gl-ricin) the bolus is very safe to use. Because of the special composition, the calcium chloride is available immediately while the calcium sulphate will provide sustained release of calcium..
Bovikalc is preventive as well a recommend supplement for a calcium infusion. The bolus is easy and safe to use with the specially developed Bovikalc bolus shooter.

Direction of use
Use as a food supplement for dairy susceptibelanimals:
• First bolus at the first signs of calving;
• A second bolus immediately after calving;
• A third bolus 12-15 hours after the second;
• A fourth bolus 24-30 hours after calving.

As a supplement to the calcium infusion:
• First bolus 2-3 hours after calving;
• A second bolus afther the first 12-15 hours..

Use Bovikalc only with the specially developped bolusschooter. Caution should be exercised when administered
bovikalc to cows with clinical signs of milk fever because the swallowing reflex could be dis