A professional ‘drive-through’ disinfection basin. It is a excellent temporary bath that is suitable for cars, tractors, lorry’s and other heavy machinery. This model is 7 meters long and 3 meters wide. Other sizes are possible. This length is enough for a complete disinfection for tyres with a diameter till 2.07 meters.



• The basin can be installed in minutes

• For all temporary situations

• Allows easy and smooth passage

• Flexible sides

• Economic and minimal use of disinfection liquid



• The material used is NicoflexTM 600 foil, which is also used in the manure storage and in water storage basins.

• The materials which are used for the sides are 70 x100 millimetres flexible latex strips completely sealed in a liquid proof PVC coated polyester material.

• The flexible latex strips will allow easy and safe passage of all traffic and avoid harh contacts and protect the Nicoflex 600TM foil.

• The flexible PVC / latex strips come back into their original form easily and avoid spillage of disinfection liquid.