The Energy Boost bolus is a powerful energy boost that can be applied immediately after calving to reduce the risk of ketosis, retained placenta and mastitis.


  • High content of energy 1,32 MJ/Bolus (Lab test evidence)
  • Fast recovery of energy balance
  • Propionates creates an effective buffer system, restoring the right pH level of the rumen
  • Provides calcium ions, essential after calving
  • Niacin: increases concertation of glucose in the liver and reduces the level of ketone compounds in the blood
  • Cobalt and live yeast affect the development of the rumen microflora and cause higher feed intake and better appetite.
  • Vit A, vit. E and selenium reduce the risk of mastitis after calving
  • Dissolves in the rumen within 60 minutes


Immediately after calving provide 2 boluses by using the applicator. If necessary provide 1 bolus after 12 hours.


4 boluses, 135 g per bolus