Natural mineral compound for binding and fluiding feeds and feed ingredients, with added natural plant extracts.

For use in animal feed & feed ingredients.

  • Bioflavonoid compounds scavenge the liver for free radicals empowering hepatic detox processes.
  • Acts as a fluidiser keeping feeds and feed ingredients free flowing. This also aids pelleting, reducing die wear and power consumption.
  • Has a high absorptive capacity for water and fats (150%) and so aids binding in high fat pelleted feeds.
  • Can exert a gelling effect, which can help dry faeces.
  • Gelling effect may also slow the passage of food through the gut, allowing a greater time for digestion, making better use of available nutrients and so improving feed efficiency.
  • Is inert and does not interact with vitamins, trace elements or amino acids.
  • Can help reduce atmospheric ammonia levels.


Application rates
Dairy / beef:  20 g /head/day
Swine and poultry: Continuous 0.5 – 1 kg / t
identified challenge: 1-5 kg / t
May be used at a higher rate according to situation. Please consult at Agriprom or your nutritionist.


25 kg bags