Increasing cow comfort with Agriproms patented system Self-closing Safety head locks


The advantage of the self-closing safety headlocks is that the cow, when sick for example, is also able to stick its head out through the bottom of the feeding fence. This feed fence has no protruding parts. The locking mechanism is mounted on the inside of the upper tube.

Other advantages

  • Easy and safe to use
  • Cows can be individually released
  • Earmark friendly construction
  • Movable parts are covered with
  • rubber for noise reduction
  • Closing mechanism mounted in tube
  • Cows can not detach themselves
  • High quality
  • self-closing head lock

Sizes feed fence

The length of the feedfence varies from 1 up to 6 meters long. If the fence is larger than 4 meters a stand post is sealed. The height of the feedfence can be adjusted to every situation.

The number of cow places can vary per length.

At a length of 1 meter – 1 cow space
At a length of 1.5 meter – 2 cow spaces
At a length of 2 meter – 3 cow spaces
At a length of 3 meter –4 cow spaces
At a length of 4 meter – 4 to 8 cow spaces
At a length of 5 meter – 5 to 10 cow spaces
At a length of 6 meter 8 to 12 cow spaces.