Post-milking bi-component filmogenic teat dip product conditioner and cleanses. Oxyshield® Protects the teat skin after milking by forming a moisturizing and very hygienic film. Oxyshield®‘s powerful sanitising action is the result of reaction between sodium chlorite and lactic acid. Oxyshield® contains moisturizing and conditionning agents that ensure best condition to the teat‘s skin. Reducing contamination risk through the skin or the teat canal. To be use alternatively with Dermasept® Extra. Oxyshield® is economical as it does not drip. Oxyshield® tightly closes the sphincter thanks to its high quality film.

Directions of use
Use after milking. Pour the same amount of Oxyshield® Part A and Oxyshield® Part B in a clean Dip Cup and mix until all of the product has the same colour Always use a clean dipping cup. Dip each teat. Do not wipe .

Technical Specifications

Content per can: 20L

Aspect: Gel
Colour: Yellow
Density: 1
Odour: Light eucalyptus smell

Precautions for use
– Do not mix with other products.
– Do not pour the contents left over in the dipcup back into the container.
– Store in the original packaging.
– Keep away from frost and sunlight
– For professional use only.